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Balancing Business with Family

A great article reading for HTM by Louise Jensen… mother, practitioner and businesswoman: Background The decision to return to work after an enforced break following a car accident was easy.  Dealing with the practical issues of this choice though has at times, left me feeling so frazzled I need a therapist, oh wait, I am a therapist! Prior to my accident I really had been following my dreams.  Years training in therapies I had absolute conviction in, allowed me to practice confidently [...]

make or buy hummus

Hummus: Make it! Buy organic! Love it!

A fantastic snack for the lunch box, a picnic, or if guess a visiting is a freshly made hummus dip. Hummus can be eaten with vegetable sticks, or some lightly toasted wholegrain bread… And is is super easy to make: Ingredients: 1 x 16-oz can of chick peas, drained OR you could prep and cook some dry chickpeas 1 x cup of tahini 1 x cup of lemon juice 1/2 of lukewarm water 1/2 tsp garlic powder or fresh garlic (to personal taste) 1 x tsp [...]

charlotte palmer

Sunshine In a Bowl

Charlotte Palmer shares a lovely baby-food recipes – Organic carrot, butternut-squishy-squash and sweet potato puree… yummy! Ingredients: 750g organic carrots, washed and diced (with skin in tact) 1 medium-to-large organic sweet potato, peeled and diced (the smaller the better) 1 chamomile teabag 1/2 a butternut or winter squash, diced ½ an organic orange (the juice) 1/2 tsp of Seagreens seaweed, fine granules ½ pint of filtered water Take a pan of water, add the diced root vegetables and simmer; cook gently, and add the chamomile teabag; once starting [...]

camping with kids

Carry On and Camp – BUT Prepare!

HAPPY SCHOOL HOLIDAYS… Camping is an inexpensive way to have a family holiday… But not everybody will jump at the idea of this type of a break! You could opt for a long weekend somewhere local to see if tents and campfires are your thing, before committing to a full-on camping holiday.  Here are five top tips to ensure your first camping trip is a hit with all of the family: 1)   Plan: If you are prepared, than less will faze [...]


More Holistic Events & Festivals for August

It is the summer – and for those of you who have holiday time, or children, or want to experience another modality, or share your therapy with others, or just want to enjoy the season – here are some ideas: July 31st – August 3rd: Camp Bestival is a multi-award winning festival that combines an all-encompassing family festival experience with an action packed camping holiday; something that we like to call a Festi-Holiday! August 3rd: Aldridge Holistic and Spiritual Event is held [...]

raw food

Raw Choc Recipe

Raw Chocolate Truffles: These easy-to-make little raw chocolaty snacks are packed full of nutrition; containing good fats, coconut fat, bee pollen, nuts, and greens, which all give you super charged power and energy! Coconut fat is converted by the liver and used for energy, bee pollen has the broadest spectrum of nutrients, and Seagreens contain many vital micronutrients missing in all land vegetables. Spirulina is a rich source of iron and protein and the nuts and hemp seeds are also [...]