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Get Fresh

Food Specialist Charlotte Palmer shares her energizing raw milk kefir super smoothie with berries, mango banana and super greens Amazing kefir yoghurt is a powerhouse of potent, and good bacteria, also known as probiotics from the kefir grains or ‘cultures’. This good bacteria works to fight bad bacteria in the body and improves many digestive health issues such as IBS, bloating, acid reflux, diarrhea and constipation. Antioxidant rich berries are low GI and as with all fruit, are great for [...]

raw salad

Raw Veg Salad

I’ve been training for ‘The Race For Life’, and by the time I get to eat it’s quite late. I always try to eat early as it puts less strain on your digestive system so I try to eat light, but still want to get as much nutrition as possible into my meal. This salad is really satisfying, tasty, hydrating and filling. Eating raw also means you are getting the maximum amount of minerals and nutrients, which can be [...]


Rainbow Salad

Wow – What an amazing weekend for weather! With the temperatures rising there is always the risk of dehydrating and who can be bothered to stand over a hot stove to make matters worse? If you want to prepare something quick and easy, packed with goodness, tasty and totally satisfying, then this salad is for you! Ingredients  ~ 4-5 handful of salad leaves ( we used baby spinach leaves, romaine lettuce and left over mixed leaf salad but you can use [...]

a coconut split in two halves

Five foods to embrace

Some food may not always tickle our taste-buds, but they have lots of functions that mean that they are well-worth a place on our weekly shopping list. Coconuts can be used for smoothies, desserts, other ingredients, for example rice, curries etc. It can be used for oil, and even beauty products that you can make for the skin and hair. Not only is the milk and actual coconut versatile for cooking and natural beauty, the shell can be used too… [...]


Roasted Pepper and Tomato Sauce

WHAT TO EAT TONIGHT: Give your evening meal a kick start with this mouthwatering roasted pepper and tomato sauce…  There are two ways to eat this sauce, chunky as seen, or whizzed to a lovely sauce with blackstrap molasses and bouillon to add extra flavour. It’s your choice. I use oregano as it’s a perfect complementary flavour and it has potent anti bacterial properties and is rich in anti oxidants and minerals. I use molasses to balance the acidity of [...]


Yummy Yogurt

The mission to find healthy, yummy food and snacks can be challenging, but it’s one that I take very seriously. So imagine my delight when I was sent a selection of CO YO yogurt. Each mouthful of CO YO  is delicious and each 125g contains one whole coconut, all the flavours are scrumptious,  but my favourite is the Natural and Mango flavours. I had one with my breakfast every morning for a week and will no doubt be making this a regular fixture on my [...]