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Take your work to the workplace

Consultant aromatherapist for Base Formula Ltd, Joannah Metcalfe, offers advice on how holistic therapy services can be provided to corporate clients Even in today’s difficult economic climate forward thinking companies are recognising the importance of investing in the health and wellbeing of their staff in the belief that a happy and healthy workforce is a more motivated and productive workforce! As companies strive to become leaner, and more efficient workers are being put under increased pressure to perform, with reduced staff [...]

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Balancing Business with Family

A great article reading for HTM by Louise Jensen… mother, practitioner and businesswoman: Background The decision to return to work after an enforced break following a car accident was easy.  Dealing with the practical issues of this choice though has at times, left me feeling so frazzled I need a therapist, oh wait, I am a therapist! Prior to my accident I really had been following my dreams.  Years training in therapies I had absolute conviction in, allowed me to practice confidently [...]


The Perfect Professional Profile Pic

When you opt to go into a career as a therapist, probably the last thing on your mind when setting out in business on your own, is having a profile photo taken! But, with websites and online profiles it is a must – you cannot expect a client to want to meet you for the first time if you have no profile photo on your Facebook, or Linkedin page… therapists work with delicate subject matters, and many of holistic [...]