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The Definitive Guide To Finding Your Exercise Mojo.


Brought to our attention from the very empowering This Girl Can – Georgina Land from A fat Lot of Good talks us through a definitive guide to Finding Your Exercise Mojo.

Being an active woman has its perks. Most of us will take any excuse not to get outside and it is in this valuable platform of self investigation we have been asked to question exactly what it is that creates this barrier to lacing up and getting out and kicking your butt into physical activity mojo.


First things first, right now you already have enough, you are enough and that is a promise. Once you get to stand in that puddle, everything in the forward path gets super easy.


Remember; NO state is permanent, that your inner voice maps your terrain. A terrain that is yet undisclosed, a terrain that is yet to be mapped and thoroughly relished, nurtured and adventured. As you sit here now just how many posts have you read that direct and pull and thrust you to ‘do what I do’? Leave you with a bitter twinge of failure of being that one sandwich short of a genius. Observing beautiful words, beautiful manifestos and beautiful images, its all a compartmentalised perfect state. Each and every single ant in our being looks for this epiphany, answer, rule book and framework, of using measures and stereotypes of the fabulous I. The other self that we desire over the that grassy patch we cant quite get to.


Have you ever investigated where this comes from? It is in fact only from you. It is as cold and simple dead beat obvious fact as that, no rocket science, no big bang epiphany or concert orchestra. The route of the problem is well yeah … you. We invent these states of mind, we own those very inner voices and we control what we accept or decline.


Feeling quite smug to have realised this fact. Feel empowered that this little soul you hold onto inside you like a freshling baby is infact your own. It is yours to feed, it is yours to direct, it is yours to listen to. Don’t leave it in the cold and neglect this poor sorrowful negative voice, empower it, nurture it and feed it with the good things from the shelves and fruits of labour and amazing skills we own.

The falling apart, the reading of this, the thought of this, the investigation for this; is all but the path to nurturing your little inner baby.


Circulate together and familiarise with all that you read, all those external voices and noises you hear and feel utterly empowered that you have the power to rebuke or take in any of these into your door. Never feel failure, never feel regret, just centre yourself in heart and live in the now, this moment this second, this grace. Some things in life are the blissful making of us. Centering us and bringing peace to this voice we chew day after day.


Earthling mothers we can relate to this state the first time we held our baby. The realisation and power of another human being and that beautiful smell and aura of new life that we held in our hands. So why oh why do we not hold ourselves in this same cautious respectful vein, our inner voice? This ‘be kind to yourself’ manifesto that is brandished around but never quite stretched out enough in simple pure fact. Stop abusing this awesome perfect little soul on its adventure, cuddle it up in warmth, treat it to a new blanket and wrap it in defence and visualise this being.


So yes its fair to say I do own passion and fitness skill to add to this voice, to allow you to tie those trainer laces and to get your inner fitness mojo suit on. But with this skill comes the heartbeat of my work and manifesto it simply is for ‘you to find you’, to love you from inside not out and it is at that very point you exit and have found the joys of health and active adventure. I take ownership for the empowerment of women and their internal voice. The power behind emotion, the damaging shift of favour to negativity of thought and the denial to power of self belief it has on womens beautiful beings. Together we look to finding solutions to gifting yourself the powers of grace and self.

Grace is the most beautiful word to touch, the epiphany of eloquence, charisma and nurture to other beings. It takes self humility, love, peace and then you find this wonderful terrain of joy and harmony. So this is us here at ‘A fat lot of good’ our manifesto is belief in empowerment well before we kick you into exercise regime, targets and down to talking fitness dirty. The pure investigation of self, in listening, respect and love of self is where it is at. We crave for robust empowered women that love the inner, well before we touch the outer vessel. We are awesome amazing creatures who own this amazing earth and be proud of who you are and relish on that very fact alone with proudness and clear boundaries.

We believe in sharing, in peers, in love but most of all in the belief of the power of solitude and being utterly unafraid of the blessing of this space. If you need help making that introvert and finding this shift, go full heart for the removal of the state of desire for perfection. Move into the state of nurturing a healthy self respectful inner voice, preserving your body and mind in optimum regard for the entirety you walk on this earth.




Empowering women into an active lifestyle of fitness and health

Written for The Holistic Therapist Magazine – thank you for this opportunity

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