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The Float Spa – A Mellow Experience To Revive And Restore.

It had been brought to my attention recently that we had a new Complementary Therapy Centre in town and this time one with a difference. The Float Spa is an exceptional centre situated on Third Avenue in Hove and has everything you could hope for the Feel Good experience.

float reception


On my arrival I was greeted by The Float Spa Managing Director Camille Pierson, whose enthusiasm for the Floatation experience and all the benefits that floating can give is really quite infectious.  Camille had been introduced to using flotation tanks through her own unfortunate experiences with stress as a result of family illness, you can read her full story here this did however lead her on to a journey of wanting to assist others to access this very mellow and non invasive form of therapy.


Having had issues with being in confined spaces myself I have to admit I was somewhat nervous about my first float but needless to say Camille put me at ease and talked me through everything I would likely experience and how the whole session would work. You are very much in control once you get into your pod and with the water at a lovely skin temperature there is no chance for getting cold.

I did decide to leave my light on to begin with and as I became more confident was able to turn it off, however I am assured that  once you are hooked and a expert floater you desire nothing more than to get in to a total sensory deprivation arena straight off and simply allow yourself to float away.


Although I found it difficult to quieten my mind on the first session I am really looking forward to going back as I now know what to expect and will probably avoid my early morning coffee this time!!

The one thing I was the most surprised about was how I felt afterwards. I was  amazed at how chilled out I had become, and not just that night but for at least the next few. Totally relaxed, buzzy, it reminded me of the sensation you would have if you had  a really good workout but without the muscle ache. My skin and hair felt soft and really nourished , I am sure the excellent Faith In Nature Products provided on site certainly helped. The whole experience – Wow, were my thoughts, how have I got to my ripe old 41 years without experiencing this treatment. 

After getting out of the pod and freshening up, I was able to go through to the lounge area where I was served a very delicious Water Mellon Sorbet again part of the truly exceptional first class service The Float Spa offer, every detail has been well thought and catered for.

float tee

In our busy working lives we can endure the build up of stress which can lead on to many diseases within the body such as cancer, diabetes, mental illness to name but a few. I can see how a regular float session could combat chronic stress and help balance and restore us.

I was thrilled to see the diverse range of classes on offer here as well, with Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga, Pilates & Desire Mapping , as well as complementary therapy rooms to hire for the development of further therapies so Please do contact Camille to obtain further information if you are a therapist who is interested in being part of this amazing centre.

Although The Float Spa is already open it will be launching officially April 18th-19th, with some fabulous offers and opportunities so get along and experience what this top notch spa facility has to offer for you.




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