Top tips on staying motivated when self-employed


Being Self employed is a dream come true for many, we can make our own choices, be really flexible with our time and do what we love.. However….we all have those moments, and motivation truly is key to building a successful business and here are a few tips to help remind you of how to stay motivated and focused on making your business a success.
Remind yourself of why you set up your business in the first place – What excites you about your business? What is your passion and what drives you? Write it down, keep it safe and whenever things get tough re-read it to inspire and motivate yourself.Be clear about your vision – How do you visualise your business? Is it the same as when you started out? Write it down or even draw a representation of it. Describe it to others. Is it how they see it?Be accountable – Be clear about your goals. Sharing your ideas and goals for your business with those you trust will ensure you commit to attaining the results you want. Ask them to meet with you regularly to review your progress.What is your USP? – What are you offering that is different from others offering a similar service or product? Look at what your competitors are doing. Consider how you can improve or develop your product or service.

Dig out your business plan – Use it to set realistic performance goals, not just when you need to raise funds.

Promote and market yourself – Don’t sell yourself short. Set goals for presentation, marketing and service. Stand out amongst the competition.

Learn from your client’s feedback – Create a survey and value their comments. Use them to help improve your offer.

Keep on top of your finances – Tedious as it may seem it is much less stressful if you allow a little time everyday to keep everything ticking along. File away receipts, check invoices, cash flow and banking. General housekeeping to allow you to concentrate on the more exciting parts of the business.

Use your time effectively and learn to work smart – Plan your day everyday and clearly define tasks and prioritise. By persisting at this you will be more efficient and feel a sense of achievement when you can tick them off as completed. Plan for the short, medium and long term as well.

Network – Build relationships with like-minded people who will support, encourage and inspire you to build opportunities. Give of your time and knowledge and by helping others you will open new possibilities for yourself.

You can do this….

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