Creating a successful marketing strategy for your business

workshop 2-2

If we asked you: ‘Who is your target market?’ ‘What’s their age?’ Where would you find them? Would you know the answer?

In this session, you will learn how to identify your target market and ideal customers, how to use the appropriate tools and strategies to market your business services, how to create and run an effective marketing campaign, and how to write your compelling marketing messages. If you would like to double your client bookings, or learn how to get better quality clients, this is the workshop for you.

  • Identifying your target market and ideal customer
  • Crafting your compelling marketing message
  • Defining your marketing mix
  • Agile marketing for small businesses
  • Setting goals and objectives for your marketing campaigns
  • Impact and ease assessment– How to decide what will be most effective
  • Running a marketing campaign
  • Testing and measuring results
  • Understanding the difference between tactical marketing and a marketing strategy
  • The Importance of defining your target market and ideal customers
  • How to select the appropriate tools and strategies to market your business services
  • Understanding how to communicate the benefits to your customers
  • How to put together an effective marketing campaign
  • How to test and measure your results so you know what’s working
  • A strategy to increase your business profits
  • Define your marketing niche
  • The know-how to write your compelling marketing message
  • The know-how to create a marketing campaign for your business
  • The know-how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing

Saturday the 25th of October 2014

10am – 4pm
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