Online marketing – emails and drip campaigns

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Today’s potential customers need up to 20 touch points with your brand before they are ready to buy from you. If you want your customers to choose you when they need the solution you provide, you have to be at the front of their minds. In this dynamic and interactive workshop, learn how to use email marketing to raise your brand awareness and to keep your customers loyal and engaged. Learn the dos and don’ts of email marketing and avoid being relegated to spam. Learn how to package your messages so they get heard.

  • What is online marketing?
  • Why it is an effective marketing tool
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Busting the myths about e-mail marketing
  • E-mail lists–what they are and how to start building one
  • Online and offline tools and tactics for building E-mail lists
  • Legislation
  • Creating a drip campaign to boost revenue and profit
  • Designing newsletters to keep them coming back
  • How to market your business online using e-mails
  • How to build a valuable e-mail list for your business
  • What you can and can’t do  [Legislation]
  • The tools you need to DIY
  • How to create your drip campaign
  • Best practice for newsletters
  • The know-how to use e-mails to effectively market your business
  • The know-how to write effective e-mails
  • How to sequence e-mails in a drip campaign
  • Understand the core principles for creating information that converts leads into customers
  • A strategy to increase your business profits

24th of April 2015

10am – 4pm

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