Your brand story – your number one marketing tool

Workshop 3

We live in a noisy, information-overloaded world. Research suggests we are exposed to something like 3,500 advertising messages every day, much of which wash over us and are ignored. If your goal is to get your message through this insane vortex of noise, for it to be heard and understood by your target audience then standing out from the crowd is a must!

In this interactive session you will learn how to write your brand story/message. Learn how to tell it and how and why it’s vital to understand the power of your brand. Understand how to define your ideal customer and how to think like your ideal customer by creating a customer persona. Find your unique selling proposition and sell without selling.

  • Crafting your brand story
  • How and why you should tell it everywhere – as an elevator pitch, on business cards, networking meetings, one-2-one meetings
  • Defining your ideal customer/–why this is essential for your success
  • How to think like your ideal customer [demographic, psychographic profiling]; creating a customer persona
  • Your unique selling proposition USP / unique conversation point UCP
  • Storytelling–selling without selling
  • Networking meetings– how to be the person everyone loves speaking to -etiquette and tips for people who love or loathe networking
  • Understanding the power of your brand
  • How to write a compelling brand story/message
  • The importance of a USP/UCP to set you apart from your competition
  • How to live and breathe your brand
  • Practical applications for your brand story
  • Understanding the problems you solve for your customers and how to position yourself as the only solution your ideal customers want
  • A strategy to increase your business profits
  • The know-how to write your brand story
  • Effectively engagement with potential customer
  • A clear understanding of the power of niche marketing
  • The know-how to define your niche
  • The know-how to profile your ideal customer

22nd of November 2014

10am – 4pm

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