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What are doulas? And Why do they matter?

Many women know, and research confirms, that having an experienced female birth companion, who is neither a health professional nor a part of their social circle, can have a tangible positive effect on their experience of childbirth… This such companion is called a doula…

What do they actual do? And why do they matter?

HTM decided to find out the answers to these questions, which were answered (and more) in this neat, little book written by Maddie McMahon: Why Doulas Matter (published by Pinter and Martin and available on Amazon) is a comprehensive discussion of how a doula can offer expectant and new parents information and practical and emotional support to improve their experience of birth and early parenting.

At a first glance it is easy to think that this book is written just for parents and perhaps midwives or those signing up to Maddie’s Developing Doula’s course… but this handy, little guide is perfect for anybody who has a close friend or family member, neighbour or colleague going through pregnancy, because it sheds light on so many areas that are not often thought about, or if they are thought about, they are not always talked about. Maddie writes with such a warm tone, with so much knowledge, and with a clear love for the service that she provides.

This book is a brilliant addition to any holistic therapist’s personal and professional library too, especially for those that have pregnant clients, or clients that have recently had a baby; as Maddie’s words on this subject are sure to be a great help.

This is a quick, easy – and very lovely read… it can be compared to a good romantic comedy… funny in parts, soppy and tear-jerking in others, a few yuk moments and one to return to because the ending is just right!

Enjoy the book…

Oh and look what else we found… a YouTube video of the author talking more about Why Doulas Matter…

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