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What is your PH Balance?

The body struggles to fight the cascade of acidic substances it is exposed to on a daily basis – food, pollution, chemicals and even its own internal bio-chemicals add to the on-going load.

Initially, the natural neutralising minerals are used to re-balance the pH; however, a continually increasing load results in an over-acidic environment. As the body then begins to struggle to cope, it sets up a defence mechanism to try to limit the damaging actions of the acid by storing excess acidity in our fat cells and away from the important internal organs, where cellular damage could occur. When left unchecked these acidic / toxic elements rob the blood of oxygen resulting in slower metabolism and therefore, as well as an increased weight gain, any damage to the body’s tissues can contribute to a variety of ailments.

Unexplained fatigue can be a symptom of an overly acidic body. An acidic environment impacts upon fatigue by limiting the amount of oxygen carrying capacity within red blood cells and reduced oxygen leads fatigue, lack of energy, and weakness. This fatigue is often accompanied by a lack of stamina, poor muscle tone and general weakness

Action Plan

· Reduce the consumption of acid forming foods including animal products, sugars, caffeine, alcohol and refined carbohydrates to a level of 20% whilst increasing the consumption of the alkalising fruits and vegetables (with special emphasis on the leafy greens to aid detoxification) to around 80%.

· Drink plenty of water to hydrate the cells and neutralise and flush out the excess acidity.

· Take a supplement of the alkaline minerals as these are needed to neutralize the acidic waste that can be the by-product of even the most nutritious of foods. Even when eating healthily if the supply of alkaline minerals is too low, acidic wastes cannot be neutralized effectively and in reality it can be quite challenging to correct acidity levels sufficiently without these.

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