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What will your January be like?

It is that time of year again, when Christmas is upon us, and we are all excited about festivities, food and fun… As a businessperson you may be looking forward to wrapping the year up with a big sparkly bow… but remember January is just a stone throw away, and we need to ensure as professionals that we are prepared for the New Year.

January can be a strange month, with many people taking extended holidays or worrying about how much they have consumed in purchases, food, or alcohol over the festive period. Some of you may have an influx of new clients wanting to get started with their New Year’s resolutions, where as other therapies just may not demand that same custom during the first month of the year… Hopefully you have taken some time to assess what your January is likely to look like…

At HTM we have decided to review a selection of CPD courses for the 2016, courses that may help you in business and with expanding your existing database of clients, or just offering your current clients more.

So check out the blog posts and look out for the reviews… and in the meantime here are five tips for your business this New Year – Merry Christmas…

  1. Refresh your environment: take time out after the Christmas rush to give your treatment room a lick of paint or add a few new vases, or cushions to the waiting area… select a careful choice of colours, that are warm and calming.
  2. Remind your current clients that you are working in January and offer any New Year New You discounts to encourage business.
  3. Check out MOOCs – free online courses to refresh your knowledge or learn a new skill like project management or web development.
  4. Do something new for yourself, perhaps a new hair cut or purchase new work attire in the January sales.
  5. Get a new diary and appointment book that you can be proud of, and visualise those bookings coming in for an abundant 2016.
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