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Why do people detox? Dao Earl of Sura Detox explains

Why do people detox?

Most people still associate detox, fasting and colonics with old ideas about cleaning the colon of age-old mucous collected through a life of poor diet.

But since disproving these (motivating) stories, people still find enhanced energy, health and better digestion. How can this be?

There are very clear biological pathways that describe why fasting aids the health and regeneration of cells even more so than eating. And a part of this enhanced cellular growth is the elimination of the wastes. The more time we give the body to deal with these processes, the more efficient it will be.

This is exactly where the modern lifestyle and diet fails us, and where the fasting state wins.

Taking a break from the rigors of our stressful lives, brings a freshness to our mind – any holiday can do that but when you take solid food out of the mix as well, the relaxing effects are amplified and transferred to systems beyond the mind.

The digestive system gets a deep, well-earned rest, and in doing so, shed some of the intolerances that were due to constant work in the gut. Very quickly the stomach adjusts, and we almost never complaints about being hungry.

The immune system has a chance to catch up on its many house cleaning jobs, freeing up muscles and joints from their inherent crystalising load of acidic materials, making them much more fluid and flexible.

As an extension to this, the inflammatory system can start to unwind, alleviating painful conditions, and allowing proper blood flow to return to affected areas for repair.

Emotions, long held in check by the suppressive effects of heavy foods, can come bubbling back to the surface for evaluation, expression and healing. A special atmosphere of well-being and self-empathy is naturally created in which to process levels of the psyche not usually available to us.

These ‘symptoms’ of a well-held fasting state can be temporary, and of course, we cannot sustain a fast for long in our busy lives. But having gone through the process, we have also reset our palette, and been educated in how to better feed ourselves, so we can bring more of this lighter state of being into our daily lives. That is the real gift of what we bring to this work.

And you don’t have to fly abroad, incurring the stresses and prices of air travel. We are in north Devon, close to the sea, with an indoor swimming pool, sauna, etc…

People leave fully equipped with emotional tools to better handle their stress levels and relationships, along with a fully refreshed understanding and passion for better foods.

Once is enough for some people, and sets them on a whole new track, but most people adopt this great resource as a lifestyle choice to be repeated periodically, giving them the downtime assess their situations, and check in with themselves.

If you’re starting to lose energy, gain weight, feel your health slipping away, or could just do with a proper break from life, to catch up on sleep, and get some perspective, then you should come along. You’ll love it.

………..Check out the testimonial from Gaynor a recent guest!

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