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Yoga and the NHS

#InternationalYogaDay News

The UK could be the first country to fully integrate yoga into national health care!

What is needed now is support for Early-Day Motion 215 from MPs.

The Minded Institute has been working ardently with other organisations on the integration of yoga into the NHS and is thrilled to announce that:

Via the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Indian Sciences, an Early Day Motion (EDM) on yoga’s inclusion in the NHS has been drafted. An EDM is a formal motion for a topic to be debated in the House of Commons and brings attention to the cause.There is a meeting in the House of Lords on the 27th of June to acknowledge International Yoga Day and address the topic of bringing yoga into the NHS. We are trying to get as many MPs to back the EDM as possible. Below is the text of the EDM:

‘That this House celebrates the 2nd International Day of Yoga, on 21 June 2016, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015; recognises that yoga is a multi-dimensional approach to encouraging well-being, which appreciates the link between physical and psychological health and lifestyle; appreciates that yoga is a reflective and non-invasive practice, which is appropriate in all stages of life; recommends yoga to be included as part of mindfulness and well-being initiatives for NHS staff and for yoga to be integrated within treatment for patients; and urges the Department for Education to introduce yoga in the school physical education curriculum.’

To promote yoga’s inclusion in health care, we need to write to our local MPs and request that she/he supports this action.

The link for your MP is here: FIND YOUR MP.

If yoga were readily available on the NHS it would enhance wellbeing for so many of us by providing skills and tools that can be used to improve and or maintain health.
Heather Mason,
Founder of The Minded Institute

The Minded Institute pioneers innovative mind-body therapy for the treatment of mental health issues. We offer professional trainings, workshops, lectures, courses, and private instruction.

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